How to Deposit CAD to via e-Transfer

Today, we’re going to outline how to deposit Canadian cash to via e-Transfer:

  1. Create an account at using our referral link:
    1. Use our referral link at to receive a $25 bonus:
  2. Once your account is created, open the app.
  3. Once the app is open, click the “Tap to Add Funds” link.
  4. On the next screen, click “Via Interac e-Transfer”
  5. Enter the amount you would like to e-Transfer to
  6. Click “Send Fund Request”
  7. will then send an Interac e-Transfer request e-mail.
  8. In the email, accept the request at the financial institution of your choice.
  9. Enter in the credentials for your bank account.
  10. Review the e-Transfer request from
  11. Select the account you want to withdraw the money from.
  12. Send the e-Transfer.
  13. You will receive a notification stating that the team has accepted the e-Transfer request.
  14. Wait for a notification from stating that your money has been deposited into your account. This could take from 5 minutes to 2 hours.
  15. Once you receive the notification from, verify that the money has been deposited into your account.


  • e-Transfer Fee: Most banks have free e-Transfers, if your bank does not, you will have to determine how much your bank charges to send an e-Transfer. We recommend Tangerine to send e-Transfers. If you would like to open an account, feel free to use our Orange Key 43407726S1 at to open an account.

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