How to Purchase TCAD (TrueCAD) on

Today, we’re going to outline how to buy TCAD (TrueCAD) tokens on

  1. Create an account at using our referral link:
    1. Use our referral link at to receive a $25 USD bonus:
  2. Once your account is created, open the app and go to Accounts > Fiat Wallet.
  3. On the “Fiat Wallet” screen, select the “Set Up New Currency” button.
  4. On the “Set Up New Currency” screen, select “Canadian Dollar”.
  5. The app will take you through the necessary steps to verify your account to allow you to hold Canadian dollars within the app. may ask for your residential address, source of funds, occupation, and proof of residence.
  6. Once you have submitted the necessary documentation to hold Canadian dollars within the app, may take up to a week to verify your documentation.
  7. Once your documentation is verified, will send you an in-app notification and an email.
  8. At this point, you can send Canadian dollars to the app using e-Transfer. To utilize e-Transfer, your Canadian bank must be listed on the following page, under the heading “Banks that support Autodeposit):
  9. To start the process, open up the app and go to
    Accounts > Fiat Wallet.
  10. On the “Fiat Wallet” screen, select the “Transfer” button.
  11. On the “Transfer Fiat” screen, select “Deposit”.
  12. On the “Deposit Fiat” screen, select “Canadian Dollar”.
  13. The app will provide you with the following pieces of information:
    1. Payment Email (Most likely
    2. Identification Number
  14. Copy the “Payment Email” and “Identification Number”.
  15. Go to your Canadian bank’s online website and start the process to initiate an e-Transfer.
  16. When you are prompted to enter an email, enter the “Payment Email” that was listed in Step 13.
  17. When you are prompted to enter an amount, ensure that you transfer over $100 CAD, as that is the minimum amount that you can transfer to Keep in mind the maximum amount to transfer for an e-Transfer is $3,000 CAD.
  18. When you are prompted to enter a message, enter the “Identification Number” that was listed in Step 13.
  19. Confirm that all of the details that you entered are correct, otherwise there may be problems that could take up to 30 business days to correct.
  20. Once you have confirmed the details, send the e-Transfer.
  21. may take up to 1 business day to accept the e-Transfer and deposit it into your account. The average amount of time for to deposit the money into our account has been around 1 hour.
  22. Once has added the Canadian dollars into your account, you can now purchase TCAD tokens.
  23. To purchase TCAD tokens, open the app and select the “Trade” button.
  24. On the “Trade” screen, select the “Buy” button.
  25. On the “Buy Cryptocurrency” screen, select TCAD (TrueCAD).
  26. On the “Buy TCAD” screen, select the “Fiat Wallet” tab.
  27. Enter the amount of TCAD that you would like to buy. Keep in mind $1 CAD = 1 TCAD.
  28. Once you have entered in the amount of TCAD you would like to buy, select the “Buy TCAD” button at the bottom of the screen.
  29. Once you hit the “Buy TCAD” button, you will be prompt to confirm the transaction.
  30. Confirm all of the information for the transaction and once you have completed that, select the “Confirm” button.
  31. You may be prompted to enter your credentials or confirm your identify with biometrics (Face ID, Touch ID, etc.)
  32. Once you have completed that, the app will confirm your TCAD purchase. Tap anywhere to continue.
  33. At this point, you can verify the TCAD tokens are now in your account.
  34. To verify your TCAD amount, go to “Accounts” > “Crypto Wallet”.
  35. Under “Crypto Wallet”, you should see your TCAD that you purchased.


  • e-Transfer Fee: Most banks have free e-Transfers, if your bank does not, you will have to determine how much your bank charges to send an e-Transfer. We recommend Tangerine to send e-Transfers. If you would like to open an account, feel free to use our Orange Key 43407726S1 at to open an account.

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